Ok, so you've created an account, posted a job, and received a notification email that you've got new applicants. Now what? Follow the step-by-step instructions below to view your applicants.

1. On the Job Listings Grid, click on the job title whose applicants you would like to view.

This will bring you to the Applicant Grid where you will see a listing of all of your new applicants. After you have viewed applicants and rated or archived them, you can click on the New, Rated, Archived and All Applicant tabs to view applicants in any of those groups. 

2. To view an applicant's submitted application, just click on the View Applicant button next to the applicant's name.

An application viewer window will pop up showing you the applicant's contact information and giving you the option, via the left sidebar, to view the resumes submitted, view the applicant's answers to any application form questions you've required, to upload files and add notes. You can also send the applicant messages, rate the applicant on a scale of 1 to 5 stars, select a status for the applicant, etc. You can Verify the applicant via reference checks and/or background checks.