You can now purchase Automated Reference Checks to increase the efficiency and the quality of your hire. Get meaningful, predictive insights on a candidate’s past performance. It's a fast and easy way for references to provide detailed and confidential feedback on the person you are about to welcome to your organization! 


How much does an automated reference check cost? 

$19 per applicant (plus any required local taxes).

How soon can I expect results? 

Results are typically available in 2-3 days, depending on how quickly the applicant enters reference information and how quickly references respond. 

What is the process? 

See the instructions below on how to initiate the Reference Check process. In a nutshell, you order a reference check on an applicant, and then the applicant receives an email explaining how they can enter their reference information. Once the applicant enters reference contact information, the references will receive emails requesting them to complete a survey assessing the applicant's prior performance. Once at least 3 out of 5 references have completed their feedback, a detailed report will be sent to you and stored as a file on the Files tab of the applicant's profile.

What types of questions will references be asked? 

References will be asked questions that are relevant to the type of employment the applicant is seeking with your organization. Questions are designed to provoke feedback from references that gets you meaningful, predictive feedback on a candidate's past performance. Here are a few sample questions:

  • Compared to others in the workplace, to what extent does John Applicant cooperate with others in the department to achieve common goals?

  • Compared to others in the workplace, to what extent does John Applicant listen carefully to others, taking time to understand and ask appropriate questions without interrupting?

What if the applicant or the references don't complete the process? Will I still be charged? 

Even if the applicant does not complete the process, you will still be charged $19 for each reference check requested. If the applicant does not complete the process, that can be a reflection of the applicant. SkillSurvey reports that 85% of references complete the process. If at least 3 out of your applicant's 5 references do not complete the process, that can also be a reflection on the applicant.

Will the applicant and references get reminders?

Yes, the applicant and all references will get an initial email along with reminder emails within 24 and 48 hours.

To Order an Automated Reference Check:

1. Go to the applicant's profile that you wish to order reference checks. Click the Verify button and choose Reference Check from the drop-down menu.

2. Then, simply click the "Order Reference Check" button to order and purchase.

3. Your candidate will receive an email that is branded with your company's name explaining to the candidate that they will be requested to complete a reference check process.

    3a. This email is followed shortly by a second email containing a link for the candidate to add his/her references.

    3b. Your candidate will be required to accept the Terms and Conditions as proof of consent.

4. Once your candidate completes and submits the form, each of their references will be sent an email to respond to. In the email, the references will be asked to click a link containing job-specific, behaviorally-based questions to answer for the specific candidate on a ranking scale. The questions are industry and job-specific and approved for legal and confidentiality purposes and regulations. References will also have the opportunity to add comments. 

5. After at least three of the candidate's references complete their part and submit their surveys, you will be asked if you wish you finalize via email; if so you will receive a Feedback Report. 

Note: You will automatically receive the Feedback Report if all of the candidate's references complete their part and submit the survey granted that you do not opt-in to finalize beforehand as mentioned above in 5

- Feedback Report containing

  • Candidate Name
  • Position
  • Survey Type
  • Candidate IP Address
  • Name of Person filling out the survey
  • Date
  • Report History of when it was generated

-Pre-Hire 360 Feedback Report Executive Summary containing

  • Predictive Analytics
    • % of References that responded
    • Overall Actual Average Reference rating Manager feedback summary and an all references score

  • Competency Cluster Summary    
    •  Itemized score breakdown of specific job behaviors within the Survey (Example: Professionalism, Interpersonal skills, Problem-solving and Adaptability, Personal Value Commitment, etc.)    
    • Again, broken down in Manager feedback summary and an all-references score

  • Average Ratings by Reference

  • Reference Comments
    • Work-Related Areas for Improvement
    • Work-Related Strengths

  • Behavioral Questions by Competency Cluster    
    • Average numeric ratings by competency cluster, such as “Interpersonal Skills.”
    • If at least two of the Candidate’s managers submitted feedback, a “Managers Only’ score is displayed in addition to the overall average

  • Additional Reference Feedback    
    • % of Yes/No responses to “Were you involved in the decision to hire this person at your company?”
    • % of Yes/No responses to “Would you work with this person again?”

-Pre-Hire 360 Feedback Report: Reference Contact Information

  • Summary of information that candidates submitted about their References, such as the nature and duration of their work relationship    
    • Any changes that a Reference made appear in a Red font for further discussion with the candidate, if needed
    • Green checkmark to indicate that the reference’s feedback was submitted and included within the report being finalized by the end-user
    • Hollow checkmark to indicate that the reference’s feedback was submitted after the report was finalized by the end-user; to include the feedback, the end-user must re-finalize the Candidate’s record and generate a new candidate report.    
    • The word “NO” in red font (NO) if the reference has not submitted feedback responses

6. And finally, your completed Reference Feedback Report will also be added to your candidate's profile and can be viewed in the Restricted Files tab.

That's all there is to it to help you speed hiring and answer vital questions that will help you hire the right people for every role.