SkillSurvey is an automated reference checking platform that helps organizations gain insights into a candidate's work performance from previous employers and colleagues. This process is crucial for your potential employer to make an informed hiring decision. Below, we'll walk you through each step of the process, providing tips and best practices to ensure a smooth experience.

What is SkillSurvey?

SkillSurvey is an online reference checking tool that facilitates a confidential and efficient assessment of a candidate's past job performance by collecting feedback from professional references. This technology-driven approach allows for a more comprehensive and unbiased evaluation compared to traditional reference check methods.

Before You Begin

Before initiating the reference check process, it's essential to prepare and consider the following:

  • Selection of References: Choose professional references who are familiar with your work ethic, accomplishments, and interpersonal skills. These can include former managers, colleagues, or direct reports.
  • Inform Your References: Reach out to your potential references to ask for their permission and willingness to provide feedback on your behalf. This courtesy can ensure their cooperation and thoughtful responses.
  • Reference Details: Have the names, job titles, and contact information of your references ready. An accurate email address is crucial as SkillSurvey will contact them electronically.

Step-by-Step Process

1. Receiving the Invitation

  • Notification: You will receive an email from SkillSurvey on behalf of the potential employer, inviting you to participate in the reference check process.
  • Action Required: Click the link in the email to access the SkillSurvey portal. You may need to set up an account or log in.

2. Entering Reference Information

  • Input Details: Once logged in, you'll be prompted to enter the details of your chosen references, including their names, job titles, relationships to you, and email addresses.
  • Submission: Review the information carefully before submitting to ensure accuracy.

3. Reference Participation

  • Automated Requests: Upon submission, SkillSurvey sends an automated email to your references, inviting them to complete a confidential survey about your professional attributes and work history.
  • Follow-Up: Consider sending a personal thank-you note to your references, acknowledging their time and contribution to your application process.

4. Completion and Evaluation

  • Report Generation: After all your references have responded, SkillSurvey compiles the feedback into a detailed report.
  • Evaluation: The potential employer reviews the compiled feedback to assess your suitability for the position.

Tips for a Successful Reference Check

  • Timeliness: Promptly respond to the invitation to initiate the reference check process without delay.
  • Transparency: Be transparent with your references about the role you're applying for and the skills or experiences the employer is particularly interested in.
  • Follow-Up: If your references are slow to respond, a gentle reminder can help expedite the process.


How many references should I provide? 

  • The email you receive from SkillSurvey will indicate the number required, but typically, employers request 5 professional references. 

Will I be able to see my references' responses?  

  • No, the responses are confidential and shared directly with the potential employer.

What if a reference does not respond?  

  • You may need to provide an additional reference or follow up with your non-responsive references to ensure the process moves forward.

How do I remove a Reference from my list?

  • Once the notification emails have been sent, References cannot be deleted. Please note that a Reference's lack of response does not stop the process from moving forward. If you know that a Reference will not be responding, please contact the company you are applying with and let them know.

If I do not have a Reference's email address, how do I enter the Reference?

  • The system depends on email to deliver survey links. If you have a current phone number for the Reference, call to obtain an email address. If the Reference does not have an email address, please contact your Recruiter or Hiring Manager to explain the situation.

How do I update my Reference's email address?

  • To change a Reference's e-mail address, on your My References page in SkillSurvey click the “Edit Reference” icon beside the References's information.
  • Note: If you are using Internet Explorer and the Edit Reference icon is not working for you, please press the broken page icon in your address bar (aka Compatibility Button) and try the Edit Reference icon again.
  • If the Reference status is Entered But Not Sent, press the Send References button to send the email request.
  • If the status is Pending, the email was already sent to the Reference.

Q: What does the status assigned to my Reference mean?

  • Entered But Not Sent status means that the Reference has been input into the system but no email has been sent to request feedback. Click the Send Email to Reference(s) button to send the email and change the status to Waiting for Reference.
  • Waiting for Reference status means that the email has been sent and we are waiting for the Reference's response. The Resend Reference Email icon is available if you need to send another copy of the email to the Reference.
  • Bounced status means that the email came back to us with an error and was not delivered.
  • Completed status means that we have received the Reference's response to the survey.

Need Further Assistance?

If you encounter any issues or have questions about the SkillSurvey reference check process, please first reach out to your prospective employer. They can open a support ticket on your behalf if they cannot provide you with the information needed.