Thanks to our collaboration with DISA*, we're thrilled to offer an exciting add-on service for our ATS users: E-Verify and I-9. This feature is designed to make your hiring process even smoother.

Wondering about the details and pricing? Don't hesitate to get in touch with our fantastic Support Team. They're here to help you get all the information you need to get started.

And if you're curious about how this process will work for both your Hiring Managers and your applicants, we'd love to give you a sneak peek! Let's take a closer look at what this experience will be like once it's integrated into your account.

You'll initiate this process in the Applicant Profile by sending an Offer Letter. More on how to do that can be found in this handy article: Send an Offer Letter

After your new hire has signed their Offer Letter a new option will appear in your Verify Menu, in the Applicant Profile. Select E-Verify / I-9 to get this party started. 

Verify menu showing E-Verify and I-9 option

Select that option and a window will pop up, letting you know that your new hire has been sent an email with instructions on what to do next. This is also where you would access the option to resend the email, should your new hire indicate they cannot locate the email. (Hot tip: please make sure they check their spam folder first).

confirmation pop-up

The next steps are dependent on your new hire. Once they locate the email in their inbox, they will have a link to Complete Your I-9 Form. There may be a wait of approximately 30 minutes for I-9, once sent via the E-Verify / I-9 option.

New Hire email with link to I-9 portal

The link takes them to a portal where they can then fill out their personal information and submit their details for verification. It's important to note that there is a button on the top right that provides them with contact information for support, should they have any problems. Please encourage them to use this option if they have any problems in that portal. They have completed their part of the process once they see the Confirmation Page.

what the confirmation page looks like, once your new hire has completed their part

The applicant will now have a tag applied to their profile that reads "I-9 Submitted by Applicant"

Tag reads: I-9 Submitted by Applicant

A dashboard notification will inform the Hiring Manager that they can now proceed with the employer review and verification section. Click on the View Applicant Icon to hop straight over to the appropriate profile

the notice will appear on your dashboard notifications

Select E-Verify / I-9 from the Verify menu to Proceed with Review & Verification

Select "Proceed" to carry on with Review and Verification

A new browser tab or window will open, bringing the user directly to the portal where they can review the information as it was supplied by the new hire and complete their portion of the I-9 paperwork.

NOTE: This step should be taken with the New Hire and their documents present so that the Hiring Manager can verify the documentation provided is legitimate. If your company is 100% remote and this is not an option, you may consider using a notary to verify the documents. Please consult a legal professional to determine what is best for your situation and company.

If an error is noted, the Hiring Manager can request a revision to section one on this page as well. 

Don't forget to check the "Complete I-9 Form" button at the bottom when you're done. 

You can Revise the I-9 at this time or view any errors noted by the system by clicking "View Case".

any errors will allow for you to revise


E-Verify is an Internet-based system that compares information entered by an employer from an employee’s Form I-9, Employment Eligibility Verification, to records available to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and the Social Security Administration to confirm employment eligibility.

Hiring Managers MUST be trained to use this system before it will become available in the ATS. This training can take as little as 10 minutes and once complete, DISA will reach out to our Support Team to enable this feature for users. If you cannot proceed past the I-9 process, you likely have not been trained and will need to reach out to DISA to get that completed. 

If you are able to proceed with E-Verify services, please follow the prompts to complete the process. Various tags will be added to the applicant profile as the stages are completed, such as:

  • E-Verify Initiated
  • E-Verify: Action Required
  • E-Verify: Authorized
  • E-Verify: Case Closed

As always, if you have any questions, our Support Team is standing by to assist. 

*DISA formerly went by the name Crimcheck