We get this question from our users who have had their position(s) up for an extended period of time.  Lowered applicant response is typically a result of extended advertisements on job board search engines.

Most job boards sort job listings by date.  When you first post your position, your job will tend to show up at the top of search results and, therefore, will see the most significant applicant response.  As time goes by, your position will move further and further down the results page, eventually disappearing off the first page of search results entirely.  This is typically when users start to see a significant drop in applicant response.

To combat this problem, users can employ these strategies to help combat this issue:

  1. Look into job advertising on our job board partner pages, or utilize our paid job board partners to advertise your open positions.  We have numerous quality, paid job board options that can get you in front of qualified applicants quicker and easier. More on our paid job board options can be found here. 
  2. Post your job to other external job boards. Your account gives you the ability to connect your job listing to other external job boards that you may be posting to currently, giving you a centralized repository to store all of your applicants. More on connecting to external job boards can be found here
  3. For open-ended positions, or positions that you accept resumes for but don't have any actual active openings for, you might want to take your position offline, and reactivate it again when you are actively looking for applicants to fill that position. More information on how to take jobs offline can be found here. 
  4. Is your job listing formatted to receive optimum applicant response? View our article on increasing applicant flow here.