Everyone loves free but when recruiting your next new hire, free may not be the best fit for you. The age-old saying of "you get what you pay for" has never seemed more true in the recruiting world than it does right now. If you find that the organic (free) visibility on Indeed isn't producing quite the results you had hoped for, you may consider utilizing an Indeed Sponsored post to fill your open roles. 

Connecting your Indeed Employer Account to your ATS account just got easier. The Primary Account Owner on the Indeed Employer account will need to establish the initial connection to grant permission for others on the account to utilize the Indeed Sponsored option. This will take place directly in the ATS account and provide an immediate response from Indeed confirming that the account has been successfully connected. Once that connection has been made, individual users on the Indeed account will then establish their own connection within their ATS account. 

It's important to note that all users that order Indeed Sponsored Ads must be added as an Admin user on the Indeed Employer account and establish their account connection before they will be able to purchase Indeed Sponsored Ads in the ATS.


The very first step is to make sure your ATS user email is the same as the email you use to access your Indeed Employer Account. If you are unsure of what email address is on file for the ATS, from your applicant tracking system (ATS) dashboard, go to the Menu Icon on the upper right of your screen and select Account Details from the Main Menu, click Manage Users and locate your name on the list                             


Check what email address you use in Indeed and verify that you have Admin rights for that platform. In your Indeed Employer Account use the menu in the upper right to select Users:  

Locate your name on the list of users and check what email address is being used on that platform. You will also want to check what level of access you have.

If you are NOT listed as a user or your email does not appear, you will need to use the Add users button.

Add the same email address that you use in the ATS and make sure you select Admin as the level of access. 

Indeed may require that you confirm this email address, so once you are done make sure you check your email inbox and follow any steps they require to confirm. Once that is done, you are ready to Connect.

Primary Account Owner - Connect Indeed Account to ATS

The Primary Account Owner (Indeed Employer Account Owner) is responsible for enabling Indeed Sponsored Ads on an account. You must first establish the main connection for your account so that other users on the account have the ability to connect their individual account. 

Start by going to  Main Menu < Account Details < under Integrate, select Indeed Sponsored.

On the next screen, you will need to select "Manage" beside the account you are connecting. Note: If your account uses the multisite feature and you have access to multiple sites, each account is a separate entity in regards to Indeed Sponsored so you would need to walk through connecting each account individually. 

Now you will need to enter the email address associated with your Indeed Employer account. If you do not have an Indeed Employer account, you will enter your email and be directed to create your account. 

Once your email has been entered, you will be prompted to grant permissions that allows the ATS the access needed to submit your sponsored ads. Note: If you uncheck any of the permission checkboxes, you will receive an error notifying you that your Indeed account could not be connected. 

Once you select Allow, you'll need to select you employer name and then will be directed back to the ATS. If the connection was successful, you will see this screen. 

When you go back to Main Menu < Account Details < Indeed Sponsored, you should see a checkmark under Parent and Individual, indicating that your account is connected. Now, individual users on your account can connect their individual accounts and begin sponsoring jobs on Indeed.

To disable Indeed Sponsored on your account, go to My Account < Account Details < Indeed Sponsored. Select Manage beside your account name and then click on the red box that states Disable Indeed For All Users.

User On Indeed Account - Connect Indeed Account to ATS

Once your Indeed Account owner has enabled Indeed Sponsored on your account, all individual users will now need to connect their individual accounts to be able to post Indeed sponsored jobs. Note: To be able to post sponsored jobs on Indeed via the ATS, the user must have an Admin access level on the Indeed account. Indeed only allows users with a lower access level to post directly to Indeed, not via a third party. 

Start by going to Main Menu < Account Details. It's important to note that while sometimes users may not have access to all functions in Account Details due to permission settings, they should always see the option for Indeed. 

Under Integrate, select Indeed Sponsored. 

If you have access to multiple sites on the account, you would select "Manage" beside the site you need to connect. If you aren't using multiple sites, you will immediately see the option to connect your account. 

You'll then be redirected to Indeed to select your employer and finalize connecting your account. Follow the prompts to finish connecting your account. 

After connecting through Indeed, you'll be directed back to the ATS and should see the following screen indicating that your account has been successfully connected. Should you need to disconnect, simply click the Disconnect Account button. 

Once your account has been successfully connected, you are all set to begin purchasing sponsored jobs on Indeed. If you have questions or experience issues connecting your account, please don't hesitate to reach out to your support team.