If you see the following error after you hit the Mark as Hired button in Recruiter, your applicant data has not been pushed to onboarding. Included below are directions for troubleshooting this error. 


Error: admin_user.email has already been taken


What does the error mean? 

This error means that this employee's e-mail already exists within the Decisely system. Please verify that this employee is not already in your employee roster list, either in the active, test, or terminated tab. 


Troubleshooting steps: 

If they are already in your portal as active, you do not need to hire them again. 


If they are in your portal as terminated or test, you can remove the email address from the employee's record and then hire the employee through recruiter again. For terminated employees, you can also rehire the Employee in your Decisely platform directly. 


If you do not see the employee in your active or terminated roster list, please reach out to Decisely support at cast@decisely.com.