It is now easy to add video conferencing to your interviews with candidates!

In the applicant's profile, select Messages and then Interview Request.

Select Pick A Specific Time and choose your date/time

                                        Or Let your candidate choose the time. 

                    Scroll down and click on the button to Add Video Conferencing.

Once selected, the button will change and the location field will populate. Please note: Once the video conferencing location has been added, another location can not be added to the location field.

Either select a video conferencing option that you already have or click "Add New" to set up a different video conferencing option.


                                        Scroll down and select Send Message.

You will receive a confirmation that the video conferencing request has been sent to the candidate.

Your candidate will receive an email to schedule their interview and a follow-up email with the invitation link.

Important Notes:

  • You must be listed as a Hiring Manager for this interview to use this feature. 
  • You must have a calendar synced to use this feature.
  • You can add other managers that do not have a synced calendar. However, they will need to manually add the meeting to their external calendar.
  • When selecting Add New to connect a different type of video option, you will be prompted to follow additional steps to connect that system to your account. Pop-ups will need to be enabled on your browser when adding a new option.