Create Documents Templates

The Documents Template feature allows a user to send multiple documents (new hire forms, company policies etc) to an applicant, along with an offer letter or separately, to be digitally signed by the applicant. Subscribers at certain plan levels can create custom onboarding document templates for easy use.

To upload your own custom documents and store them as templates: (Be sure to view the Important Facts at bottom of this page) 

  1. Click on the Menu Icon < Account Details < under Templates, and select Documents. 

2. To add a new Document template, select Upload a Document. Once the upload screen populates, add a name for your document, click Choose File, and select the file to upload from your device. Then select Upload. 

3. Select your desired fields: Signature, Initials, Checkbox, Textbox and/or Sign Date. Drag to place them anywhere you wish in the new document. Follow the prompts on each field to designate who will sign or fill out a particular field or what variable should appear in the field.

4. Click Continue. You will now see your new custom document listed on the Documents Templates screen.

Sending Documents


You may find yourself needing to send a document to an applicant, but you don't necessarily need to send them the offer letter. This can easily be done from the ATS within the Applicant Profile. 


1. Once you have the applicant profile pulled up, select Messages and then Send Documents.



2. You will now have the option to either upload a new document OR select an existing document that was previously saved as a Document Template. Once you select the correct document, click Create Documents.



3. You will now be prompted to provide any information that is needed for a field assigned to "Sender" when the document was created. Enter the information and select Continue. 



4. Review the Subject line and add any text you would like included in the email to the applicant. Then select Send Documents. A pop-up box will populate to confirm that you are ready to send the documents. Confirm that you are. 



Congratulations! You just sent documents to your applicant! 

Important Facts

  • You must assign the specific fields that require data from the “Edit Template” section. You will not be able to assign fields for an applicant to fill directly from the “Send Documents” feature. 

  • Check out Creating Documents and Onboarding Documents for more detailed information on how to assign fields to hiring managers and applicants.

  • If adding a date field to the document, you must use the same date format on all documents created. If the date formats are not the same and you send more than one document to an applicant at the same time, you will receive an error message and the document will have to be recreated.