What is Quick Apply? 

Quick Apply allows your applicants to use the Quick Apply button when applying to a job directly from certain job boards. Note: If you do not turn on Quick Apply ZipRecruiter will NOT post your jobs for free visibility. 

If you use our staffing/multisite version, you have to turn Quick Apply on/off in two areas. This feature will default to ON in your account. The two areas are in the Account Details section and in the Site Management section. 

To turn Quick Apply on/off for the parent/default account in the Account Details section: 

Navigate to My Account > Account Details.

Under Customize and Design, Select Feature Management.

The Allow express applications from job boards option will be on by default.

If you do not want to allow applicants to quick apply, select this button to toggle Allow express applications from job boards OFF.

This will turn the Allow express applications from job boards option off for the default site/account, but not for your sites. 

To turn off Allow express applications for all sites under a staffing/multisite account, navigate to My Account > Site Management.

Select the magnifying glass for all accounts you would like to disable Allow express applications for. When the magnifying glass is selected, you will then be able to select Edit Details.

After selecting edit details, you will see that Allow Express Applications will be defaulted to ON.

Toggle Allow Express applications to OFF and click Save.

Repeat this step for all sites you wish to disable Express Applications for.