Are you wondering what the steps are at the top of the screen on your main dashboard? 

This is called the progress bar. The progress bar will be visible until you start receiving great candidates. You may also choose to skip the tutorial to remove the bar from your dashboard at any time. 

The progress bar is simply a helpful guide to completing the key set up in your account and encourages you to check out the basic functions available to you. 

The first step on the progress bar is simply creating your first online job. 

Once you have created and published your first job online, the first step will be greyed out and you can then move on to the second step, posting your job to job boards. You have the option to post to the free job boards, as well as several integrated paid job boards to get better visibility and higher-quality candidates. 

After you have posted your job to the job boards, the third step is just waiting for your applicants to quickly roll in. As soon as you have received your first applicant, the progress bar is completed and the system will automatically remove it from your main dashboard. You are now all set. 

Happy Hiring!