Send an Offer Letter to an applicant:

1. Find the applicant you wish to send an Offer Letter to and click on View Applicant.

2. On the top navigation menu, click the Send Offer button.

3. Click the Get Started: Applicant Information button.

4. Enter and verify the applicant and offer details. Then click Next: Offer Details.

5. Once you have entered in the Start Date, Offer Date, Pay Rate (optional) and Supervisor (optional) then click Next: Create Offer Letter.

6. Make any necessary edits to your offer letter then click Next: Add Onboarding Documents

7. Add onboarding documents via the dropdown or upload them straight from your computer, then select Preview Offer.

8. Click Next.

9. Add the desired fields you want to each onboarding document then click: Send for signature

10: Lastly, Review & Send the Offer Letter.