Save valuable time by automatically sending a "Thanks but No Thanks" (TBNT) email message to applicants who are archived from a Form Builder question. For example, if you have a Yes/No question with No answers set to automatically Archive applicants, any applicant that select No will be Archived and then automatically sent a TBNT email message at the time you designate.

Turn on Auto TBNT Emails w/ Optional Delay

1. To enable automatic TBNT, go to Main Menu > Account Details. Scroll down to the Customize & Design section and click the Workflow icon.

2. On the Workflow page, scroll down to the Automatic "Thanks but No Thanks" section.

3. Then simply click on the Send TBNT automatically toggle switch to turn it to ON.

4. You can also set a time delay to send the TBNT email after a specific number of hours or days. This is helpful so that an applicant does not receive a TBNT email immediately after applying. 

Automatic TBNT is now enabled! That's all there is to it.