If you are using the status feature to simplify your recruitment workflow, you might find it helpful to be able to sort or filter by status in your applicant list. 

To sort by status, simply click on status on the toolbar above your applicant listing for any of your job postings. The default setting will sort your applicants by status alphabetically in ascending order. To sort in descending order, just click status again to reverse the order.

To filter by status, click on the drop down menu next to select status and choose one or more status options to filter on by checking the boxes provided. Once you've made your selections, click on the Apply button to apply your filter to the current applicant list.


Tip on How to Sort Status by Workflow Stage

If your recruitment process follows a specific workflow, using the Status feature is a great way to further integrate your account with that workflow. You can customize your Status options to start with a number preceding your descriptive text. That way, you'll be able to sort your applicant list in ascending or descending order by the applicant's stage in your workflow. 

Here's an example. Let's say your recruiting workflow looks like this: Initial Review Complete, Manager Review Complete, Phone Interview Scheduled, Phone Interview Complete, In Person Interview Scheduled, In Person Interview Complete, Offer Letter, Hired. To be able to sort applicants by ascending or descending stage along your workflow, just add a number in front of each Status like this: 1. Initial Review Complete, 2. Manager Review Complete, 3. Phone Interview Scheduled, 4. Phone Interview Complete, 5. In Person Interview Scheduled, 6. In Person Interview Complete, 7. Offer Letter, 8. Hired. 


Sorting will be a cinch!


Important note: When you customize your Status options, the changes you make will only apply to applicants who don't currently have a Status. So make sure you make your customizations before you start assigning applicants a status.