Sometimes you'll get an applicant who wants to work for your company sooooo badly, they apply multiple times for the same position or for additional openings at your company. Instead of having to review that applicant again from scratch, wouldn't it be easier to get an alert that the applicant has applied more than once? Yes! That's why you'll see alerts in two different places when an applicant has applied to a position or to your company more than once. 

Note: Duplicate applicant alerts are based entirely on the applicant's email address. An alert will only be triggered if an applicant applies for your position or to your company more than once with the same email address.

Duplicate Applicant Alert Tag on the Grid


You'll see on the applicant grid an alert with the number of times the applicant has applied to a given position as well as to the company as a whole, if different. 

The most recent applicant profile created will always have the most up-to-date information on how many times an applicant has applied. Previous applications get updated once a month with the total number of times an applicant has applied to a position and/or to your company.

Duplicate Applicant Tag on the Applicant Info Tab 


You can also find the tag on the Applicant Info tab of the applicant's profile. To save yourself time, you can click on the multiple times' link provided to view all previous applications so you know what rating and status you assigned the applicant in the past.