Dashboard Filters provide an easy way to view your Online and Offline jobs, Job Tags, and, if you are a Staffing Version or Multisite customer, by Client Site.  

To filter between your Active and Offline jobs:

1. From your Dashboard, you will see a Job Listings Grid with filters on the right side of the gray box just above the job listings.

2. Click the status filter. Your filter choices are Online, Offline, and Archived. When you click Online, only online jobs will be shown in the job listing. Choosing Offline shows only offline, and Archived shows only archived jobs. Pretty easy, right?

To filter Job Tags that you have created:

1. Click the All Tags filter. It will show a list of all your job tags with a selection box. Check the box next to the tags you wish to filter your job list on.

Other filtering options:

If you are a Staffing Version or Multisite customer, there will also be an All Sites filter which you can use to view jobs by client site. Simply check the box next to the Client Site(s) you want to filter on.

You can use more than one filter at a time by choosing, for example, the online or offline jobs filter while also filtering for specific job tag(s) or client sites (i.e., you can select all Online jobs only, with the job tag "Sales" for client site "Ace Sales").

To clear your filter, simply click on the "x" at the right hand side of the filter options.