There are several advanced options available at the job posting level. To view and make changes to these options, click on + Show Advanced Options when you are creating or editing a job.

You can click on the On/Off toggle switches to make changes to any of these settings. These settings apply only to the job posting you are currently creating/editing. When you're done, click on the Save and Continue >> button at the bottom of the Edit Listing page. 

Note: If both the "Allow Resume Uploads" and "Allow Cover Letter Uploads" toggles are set to Off, there will be no option on your application form for an applicant to attach a file. If either the "Allow Resume Uploads" or "Allow Cover Letter Uploads" toggles are set to On, applicants will be able to attach the file type(s) you enabled as well as an additional file upload feature. See the screenshot below to see what these options look like on a sample application form.