There are a few reasons why your job posting might not be listed on the free job boards we partner with. Make sure you review your job posting carefully for the following:

1. Did you select the Free Boards toggle under Show Advanced Options when creating your job?

2. Did you just create your new job posting 15 seconds ago? We applaud your go-get-'em style but sit back, relax and give those job boards a chance to update their listings. If you already have this position posted on external job boards, take your recruiting skills to the next level by connecting your job posting and application form so you can manage all of your applicants in a single, easy-to-use tool.

3. Check that you filled out the City, State and Country fields correctly and completely when you created the job posting. For example, entering a complete city name such as "Fort Worth" in the City field is more recognizable to job boards than abbreviating to just "FW." Need to make changes to your job posting but you aren't sure how? Check out our support article on Editing Your Job Posting.


4. Is your Job Title a real job title? Entering an attention grabber in the job title field such as "Join our awesome company!" may prevent a job board from displaying your job posting because they think it's spam. Consider changing your job title to a more specific role, such as "Account Manager" or, if you just aren't a plain vanilla kind of person and absolutely must have more pizzazz in your posting, try something like "HTML Developer Whiz."  

If you've done all of the above and still can't find your job posting on our free job board network, please get in touch by creating a new Support Ticket.