You can use the Search box to search an applicant's contact information, resume, cover letter and/or application form screening questions and answers. To search your applicant database, follow the steps below. For search hints, such as using boolean terms or wildcards, click here.

1. From your Home Page, click into the search applicants box at the top right side of the page. Type in the keyword(s) you want to search for. If you are looking for a specific applicant, you can enter part, or all, of the applicant's name or email address in the search box and either hit the Enter button on your keyboard. 

2. Your search results will display and will be sorted by the best match to your search criteria. To view an applicant in the search results, click on the View Applicant button next to the applicant's name. Paying customers can also export search results by clicking the Download button above the Applicant Grid. Your results will be saved as a comma separated value (csv) file, which can be opened as a spreadsheet, and sorted or filtered.

The cool thing about using the search option at the upper right of your dashboard is that it will find your applicant even if that applicant applied to a job other than the one you are currently searching within (as long as you have permission to view the job the applicant applied for). But don't worry, the search results clearly indicate which job title the applicant applied to. For example, when I search for "john" from within my "Account Executive" job posting, I will see search results from all of my job postings that match the search term(s) I entered. It's simple to tell which John you are looking for by taking a look at the "Applied for" position displayed in your search results.