It's all about choices. We put you in the driver's seat so you can customize your account to meet your organization's recruiting needs and workflows. One of the many options available to you with respect to customization is the ability to choose to use a Custom URL for your job listings instead of the URL created when you signed up for your account. The Custom URL option is available at select Plan levels.

What is a Custom URL?

A Custom URL is any website of your choosing that will display your job postings instead of using the unique URL that came with your account. If you would prefer to utilize your organization's website domain instead of the careers page that automatically comes with your account, you can set up a Custom URL in your account (at select plan levels). For example, if your organization's website is, you could opt to use something like as your Custom URL.

How to Set Up Your Custom URL 

You can set up your own Custom URL, at select Plan levels, by going to Account Details and then clicking on URLs. Enter the Custom URL of your choice into the Custom URL field and save your changes. Then, complete your DNS Setup by following these instructions:

DNS Setup

As a final step, you have to redirect traffic to our servers. Domain names are managed by a service called DNS. You'll need to change your DNS settings so the URL you want directs to our servers. This is usually a quick and easy change, but does require some technical knowledge. Specifically, you need to set up your DNS to direct traffic to the CNAME: It can take up to an hour for DNS changes to take effect.

Once you've added the Custom URL to your Company Details, and have redirected your DNS, everything should work! If not, double check your settings, and make sure your Custom URL setting matches your DNS exactly.

Note: SSL status

Please note that encryption (SSL) is not available for application forms when using a custom URL. If this is important to you, you should leave this field blank and use the provided URL.

What Happens Next

Once you've set up your Custom URL, your account URL will now be your Custom URL. Each job posting's unique job URL will now be your Custom URL with that unique job's reference number and title added to the end of your Custom URL. For example: (where "gadget" would be your company name). 

Need Custom Formatting to Match Your Company's Website Branding?

At select Plan levels, you can have your web person insert a custom stylesheet into the Custom CSS field on the Advanced page of the Account Details section to overlay your organization's branding onto the Custom URL associated with your account. If you don't have a web person but you still want to add Custom CSS to brand your account's job listings pages to match your website's branding, send an email to and we'll be happy to provide you with a quote for customization services.